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 New And Improved Clan Rules!

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PostSubject: New And Improved Clan Rules!   Thu Jul 23, 2015 6:12 pm

The purpose of the below rules is to create organization in our clan. These rules are set in place to be followed and respected. Anyone that violates these rules will be punished according to regulation. We need implication of every single member of the clan.    
*  L3gends Of Time supports Nexon™ and CBL™. L3gends Of Time has strict rules against hacking/glitching. Hacking is grounds for dismissal from the clan and Raidcall Server. Hackers that are caught will be permanently banned of the clan and reported to the CBL, C.L.E.A.N., LCG and all others website we'll find.
* Respect other players. You have to be respectful with all members, Admins and Leader. Same thing with your opponents. You have to remember that you are a L3gends Of Time member and our logo/clan name follow you everywhere you are in the game. We are respected in the game and we do not want that to change. You will be warned, kicked or banned depending on what Leader/Admin feels right so that an enjoyable environment is maintained while playing Combat Arms.      
*  If you disagree with an admin decision, take time to cool down before speaking politely to the admin. If your issue cannot be resolved in the game take it to the forum, but don't keep fighting on Gamevox server. Screenshots are the best way to prove/disprove the facts! If you see evidence, record it! If Admins have to take time out from their game to record evidence against you, you're probably f****d!      
*  Don't keep bitching to other players on a continuous basis. You may be muted or kicked depending on what admin feels right.      
*  We don't care how much PRO you are. Don't keep challenging anyone continuously in Gamevox server. Use PM or in game messenger for it.      
* Your KDR (kills/deaths ratio) needs to be 1.0 or more. That's only means that you kill at least as much as you die.      
* We need active members. You need to log on our Website (forum) at least 3 times a week. You dont need to post everytime, but at least take a look to the NEWS section. This way, we will see who is active and who is not. The better thing to do is to log on our website and check if theres nothing new each time before logging on Combat Arms. You will get use to do it fast.      

* If you know that you will be out of the game a period of time like vacation or anything else please let us know on the forums. This way you won't have any bad surprise when you will be back.

* Dont ask for gift or NX to anyone in the game, its so annoying. If anyone feel like gifting they will let you know.  

* You need to have Gamevox. Gamevox is a software client for personal computer users. It is a proprietary voice over IP program, often used in online multiplayer game play. Users use microphone and headphones and talk to each other.      
* You need a microphone.      
After “applicants” have been admitted in the clan, they may be promoted to higher ranks in the clan. This is based on feedback from clan mates at higher ranks and Admins. The promotions will be decided by the Clan Leader (Worrior54321)and Co-Leaders (-Charri-, –at0ms-, and lvlyth)      

If you want to join another clan you are free to do so, but at the same time we expect that you at least let us know that you are leaving with the reason if you have one. We have no problem in that since you always have a right to choose your clan loyalty.      
Please change your FORUM NAME and your GAMEVOX NAME to the SAME NAME you use in Combat Arms and only use that one game name. We have this RULE to make it a lot less confusing for everybody, they only have to use or learn ONE name for each Member that way.      
The Leader and Admins are the --ONLY-- ones that can pass out the Gamevox info. --IF-- an "Applicant" has followed ALL of the instructions, (Created a Forum account, has met all the requirements (KDR, RANK, SKILL, GOT GAMEVOX, MIC, and has read -ALL- of the Rules) and played  many games with us, THEN a admin will AUTHORIZE them to use the Gamevox server and officially announce it on our forum.      
Gamevox Info and Passwords will come from only one direction, from Admins to you!!  

Clan Wars

Forming a Match

•An Admin or Leader must be present in the match.
•If an Admin or Leader is not present in the match, explicit permission must be gained from an Admin or Leader.
•The Admins and Leader will have a list of members allowed to participate in clan wars. If you are not on this list, you do not play for now. Period.
•Once the room has the required players, and the map/gametype have been set, press Ready and wait.
•Priority to Gamevox users exceptions if an admins or leader decide they need a specific member.
•All members can chat to each other using the clan chat. Only the Leader and Admin will chat with the other team about the map and gametype and rules. (after having discussed this with members)
    During the Match

•Only Admins or Leaders may speak to the opposing team during the match. Reply only to comments directly related to you.
•Listen to the Commanding Officer at all times. His word is law for the duration of the match.
•The Commanding Officer is the highest clan-ranked person in the match.
•Dont talk for nothing in Gamevox during a clan war.

    After the Match

•If the Commanding Officer agrees to a rematch (after taking a vote from the match players), simply Ready Up once the conditions have been met (map and gametype).
If the opposing clan was found to be hacking, leave quickly, possibly saying one or two angry comments towards the enemy.
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New And Improved Clan Rules!
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