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 Star Wars the Old Republic-F2P Fall 2012

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First Lieutenant (4)

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PostSubject: Star Wars the Old Republic-F2P Fall 2012   Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:30 pm

Coming this fall Star Wars the Old Republic is becoming f2p. I played for 6 months subscription and its a good MMO if you enjoy star wars. Good graphics and great story. Im not sure you still have to buy the game or not but I think we should all play a little bit here there. I know were mainly a Combat Arms clans and thats fine but it won't hurt to branch out a little. On a side note everyone needs to make sure theyre CBL verified. I havent talked to Worrior in a while but last time i checked we were in the process of becoming CBL affiliated I think thats a great opportunity to get our clan out there.
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Star Wars the Old Republic-F2P Fall 2012
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