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 Tournament Rules [Updated 2012]

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PostSubject: Tournament Rules [Updated 2012]   Sat Jun 18, 2011 9:28 pm

If You Are Found To Have Broken Any Of these Rules, You Will Be Disqualified

1) Cancellations
In order to cancel a match, both opponents must post their acceptance of the cancellation in matchcoms.This will result in the complete removal of a match; no win, loss, or forfeit is recorded.

A match can not be canceled once it has begun or after a no-show report has been submitted.

(See “Change Agreements")

2) Change Agreements
To allow for flexibility, certain rules can be changed so long as both opponents agree to the change prior to the match. The list below shows these rules;

1) Player Eligibility

2) Match Start Time

3) Map(s) and Side Choice

4) Rescheduling

Any such rule change applies equally to both opponents throughout the entire match.

All change agreements must be recorded in matchcoms prior to the match for the purposes of resolving potential disputes that may arise from any such agreement.

3) Cheating
Any attempt to gain an unfair advantage is cheating. This includes: modifying game files, running memory resident cheats, utilizing exploits/glitches, or anything else beyond the normal scope of the game.

Anyone caught cheating in a match may be suspended or banned from all competition.

Contact an Leader/Admin if you have any doubts, questions, or concerns about something that could possibly be considered a bug, exploit, or cheat.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your computer system is free from cheats prior to playing any online game.

We do not conduct investigations into alleged cheating violations unless credible evidence is presented.

4) Code of Conduct

All players competing in this clan are required to conduct themselves with the highest standards of sportsmanship. Members are encouraged to work together and attempt to settle disagreements without admin intervention.

Fair play
Winning is without true value if it was achieved unfairly or dishonestly. Cheating is easy, but it will bring you no pleasure. Playing fair requires personal courage and strong character. Fair play is rewarding even when the match is lost. It earns you respect, while cheating and cheaters are detested by all.

5) Coordination
All match coordination must be recorded in the match communications (matchcoms). Matchcoms are available once a challenge has been initiated. Matchcoms should include, but are not limited to:
1) Change Agreements

2) Server Coordination

3) Match Reporting

4) Dispute Reporting

5) Cancellation Request

(See "Change Agreements")
(See "Disputes")
(See "Reporting")

6) Disputes
Disputes must be filed no later than 12 hours after the match is completed. (Intent to file a dispute must be posted in matchcoms no later than 1 hour after the match.) Disputes must be filed before the match is reported; once the match has been reported, the result will not be changed. Players must use matchcoms to file a dispute. A dispute should contain as much information as possible and should include any supporting evidence. Accusations without evidence will be thrown out. Investigations may take up to 96 hours to complete. All Leader/Admin decisions are final.

Report Format:

1) Your Name

2) Opponent Name

3) Date and time of the match

4) Game and competition

5) Describe your situation fully. We cannot make rulings on disputes without all of the details.

6) Provide supporting evidence up front. Example: Any pertinent demo recordings, screenshots, and game logs. Submit only what is necessary.

7) Inactivity
Players who are inactive for more than a month will be removed from competition. Players who plan to be gone longer than a month should withdraw from all competition.

8 ) Reporting
Loss Reports
Loss reports must be submitted by the losing party no later than 1 hour after the match has been completed.

In the event of a dispute, the disputing party must file their intent before the 1 hour deadline. (See Disputes)

If the losing player does not report within the 1 hour deadline, an admin will report the loss. An admin reported loss is considered a penalty

Players must forfeit if they cannot meet all match requirements prior to the match. Players can not forfeit once a match has started.

An Automatic Forfeit occurs when the defender fails to respond to (accept) a challenge prior to the ladder Response Time setting.

A no-show occurs when an opponent fails to meet at the agreed upon link up point within 10 minutes of the scheduled match time. A no-show must be reported in matchcoms no later than 30 minutes after the initial match time, but no earlier than 10 minutes after.

Once a no-show report has been submitted, the accused will have 20 minutes to counter with a reply in matchcoms. If the accused fails to counter within this time limit, the match will be marked as a no-show and an admin will report the loss.

(See "Ladder Rules / Match Description - Scoring and Reporting Format")

9) Authorized Game Versions and Add-ins
Matches will be played on the latest official release of Combat Arms by Nexon. The game updates itself when the game is started, so there's no need to update your game manually. Any official updates are automatically approved for competition.

Combat Arms has it's own anti-cheat software that loads when the game loads. This also updates itself (if needed) when the game is started.

Additional Add-ons and Game Modifications
Any modification made to the game client will not be allowed. This includes any change of player skins or 3rd party software that changes the game client in any way. Any team caught violating this rule will forfeit their match and will be subject to further disciplinary actions. The game is to be played as is from the original installation and updated in accordance with official patch releases.

10) Video Recording
ALL Combat Arms matches for this tournament have a mandatory requirement for video recording and uploading for an leaders/admins to review. ALL PLAYERS in a Combat Arms match must video record the entire match from their computer.

Videos should be sure to include, but not be limited to the following:
1) Entire match

2) End of round / match scores

3) End of round / player scores

4) Each teams player roster

Videos must be maintained for 72 hours. When an admin requests the Video, they must be provided within 24hrs.

Upload to Youtube and Post Link in Matchcoms

11) A match will not begin until ALL players in the match have indicated themselves "Ready" and a screenshot taken by Worrior54321 verifying readiness. Once all players are "Ready" and a screenshot taken, Worrior54321 may start the round.

12) Black Market Items / Mercs
Black Market items are not allowed for The Clan Tournament. Any item that is bought with NX Cash is not allowed. Only gear bought through the GP shop ingame, excluding all cases, are permitted for use. Black Market items require real money (NX cash) to purchase and are banned. Assassins, Mercs and Specialists are banned from competition as well.

Note that "Professional," "Veteran," "Elite" and "Champion" items are permitted for use in competition.

If a player is found violating this rule... it will be cause for a loss of the match for the offending player.

13) Screenshots
Screenshots are required to be taken by All Players In Match

Screenshots can be done in Combat Arms by simply hitting the <Print Scrn> button. The screenshots will show up as .jpg files in your Combat Arms root folder (Usually: c: Program Files | Combat Arms and show up as filename "Combat-Arms_01" incrimentally). Screenshots are REQUIRED by each Player, confirming "ready" status for all players in the match and screenshots of the scores at the end of the round.

Post In Matchcoms

14) Spectators
Spectators are not allowed in Combat Arms matches. Combat Arms doesn't have a "spectate" mode, and an extra player on the battlefield would only cause confusion. Not to mention, an inadvertent kill may effect the score outcome for either team.

15) All match and server coordination should be made in Clan matchcoms for permanent record.

Worrior54321 is responsible for setting up the server and will provide the "Server Master" for the match. Server information (e.g. server name, channel, room, and password) must be provided to the challenger at least 24 hours prior to the match via matchcoms. IE: "Hey guys.. Server name will be 'GWL Match', pw = guns. It'll be a 'regular' server in the 'Raposa' channel".

Players should exchange Combat Arms ID's in matchcoms so they can coordinate with each other in the Combat Arms game in case there are any issues (IE: the designated server has a status of "FULL" and another server/channel/room must be coordinated for the match). Xfire or some other communication like TeamSpeak is fine for coordinating a match, provided that the conversation is confirmed in matchcoms (IE:"We agreed over Xfire to do the match Tuesday 6:00 PM EST"). In the event of a dispute, the posted matchcoms are what the Leaders/admins rely upon for match coordination so update them accordingly.

"Clan" versus a "Bravo or Golf" server
The default for server setup will be on a "regular" Combat Arms server.

Using the Clan Server (Bulldog) for Combat Arms Tournament matches is not allowed. Tournament match settings require that you use a "Bravo or Golf Server" so that all settings will be a constant in every match for all teams.

Servers Down
At times, Combat Arms servers may come down for maintenance. Because all Combat Arms servers are run by Nexon, there may be times when a Clan Tournament Match is scheduled but Nexon servers are down. If such a case does occur... teams will have to post in matchcoms immediately that servers are down and both teams will have to reschedule the match.

16) Prize Distribution
A total of 25,000 NX will be awarded to the winning player of this tournament.

A Special Gift Will Be Also Given By Worrior54321 to the Winner.

17) x - Server Settings - x

Worrior Will be there for the entire match. Players will agree in matchcoms as to which team will set up the match. Worrior shall set the 2v2 Elimination match up according to the following settings for both rounds.

Mode: Elimination
Goal: 30 kills
Players: 2 v 2
Arms: All Permitted

Join Mid Combat: On
Friendly Fire: On
Kill Cam: Off
Abilities: Off

Because the match is a 2v2 it has to be set up on a Combat Arms "Bravo or Golf server" to achieve these settings.

Note that the server may need to be set up on the Bravo server depending on the maps chosen and the clearance levels of the players.

18) Maps Allowed In Tournament

1) Death Room

2) Grey Hammer

3) Pump Jack

4) Cold Seed

5) Grave Digger

6) Overdose

7) Brushwood

8 ) Short Fuse

9) Junk Flea

10) Showdown

Good Luck and Have Fun
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Tournament Rules [Updated 2012]
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